Friday, February 29, 2008

New Concept to my shop

So lately I have been thinking about doing a mini "thank you card" so that etsyians can put in their packages to their customers. Then one lovely lady ( contacted me and asked me to do something along those lines for her! I felt like this was fate saying your meant to do this, so heres your chance! Of course I accepted, and it turns out i just got her feedback today, she loves them. I am so excited. 

Other than her, I have sold these mini "thank yous" two other times. Actually just one 5 minutes ago. hehe. I added different designs so you can choose or even do a combo order. People seem to love the idea of them, and i love making them!

Also I have been looking around at ALOT of shops, and finding some great items and people that i want to feature sometime soon, so be on the look-out for that! 

I added two blogs to my "MY FAVORITE BLOGGERS" list over on the left here <--- check out their awesome blogs and websites. 

Until Next Time,

Thursday, February 28, 2008

First Post Ever

Hello all! This is offcially my first post on here...EVER. I am so excited to be blogging. If you are wondering what I am going to be blogging about..then check the list below :]

  • My items

  • My shop

  • Other peoples shops

  • Other peoples items

  • My life in general

  • My lastest creations

  • My new ideas

If I find a shop that I really like, I wil definetly show you all some pictures, and maybe do a mini interview with them so we can all see their thought process and how the finish product looks so wonderful!

I have my shop set up on if you were curious. But I guess you could have gathered that from the etsy wolf icon on the right. <--- It is such a wonderful website full of so many talented artists. I am officially ADDICTED. hehe. If you didn't quite get the message yet from the pictures on the site, I make greeting cards. AND I LOVE IT. I can not get enough of it. My mom knits scarves and I also feature her items on my website also! She has only had one sale though. :[ Well i am off!

Until Next Time,