Wednesday, April 30, 2008

First PROMO pack person!

Okay, so if you read my post below, you are well aware that i am starting to do something called "Promo Packs." GratefulGoods is my very first person to be included in these wonderful, informative goodie bags!
Each customer will have the option on recieving one of these packs or not. After you have purchased from me, I will convo you and ask if you would like one. REMEMBER THESE ARE FREE. Some people would not like such things added in with their purchased good. Not a problem!
Anyways, GratefulGoods sent me some super colorful business cards ( that you can see here in this post) that will be sure to catch the attention of any potential buyer! Be sure to check out all the neat things in their shop. Including this super cute candle you see below!

I will post sometime else this week <3


Thursday, April 24, 2008


Hello all! It has been a few weeks. BUT i am back!! I finally got all my work done. Thank goodness! I have alot of cute stuff coming into my shop in the next few days. I just need to get some batteries for my camera.

I would love to start doing some promo packs to go along with my orders.
If you would like to be included..

you can send:
-Your business cards
-moo cards
-or ANYTHING else you would like included!!

These will be going out with everyone of my orders.
If interested please let me know or convo' me on Etsy.

Next i found this awesome Etsy seller, MudHutt, a few weeks ago. I absolutely adore her shop. You can see a few of her items in this post.

Doesn't she just have the cutest things? You NEED to go check out the rest of her shop. She is always adding new things.

Also. I added this card twice to my shop by accident, so anyone who buys it will be getting a FREE gift with it!!!! Thanks :]
I will be updating again this week.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Until Next time...

Hey all, I have been super busy lately, with getting things finished up before school ends for the year. :] YAY. I have been soo exhausted. I was so tired today, I just couldnt get out of bed. Oh well. Anyways, thats why I havent been updating as much, and not listing. I just need to get all the school work done before anything!!

Update when I can.. and have time. I listed more circle thank you's today though. Take a look.

Until next time...
- Ally.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Feeling good!!

Hello everyone. It has been a long time since I have posted anything here. I have been taking all of your advice, and just trying to get better! I am finally starting to feel okay again. :] Thank goodness! Sales have suffered greatly because of it, but oh well. Havent had the energy to make anything new, besides the tags you see in this post. After I'm done writing this I think im going to go try and bang out a few more items.

I went shopping for a dress yesterday, for a formal I am going to for school. Went to Davids Bridal, and found this dress, that i fell in love with, it looks better in person though. I am excited though. I love formals. :]

I really like it though when i wear the dress it falls completely to the ground and poofs out a little bit which i really like!!!

I will update later this week.


P.s- mention this post, and ill include a free card with any purchase!