Monday, June 23, 2008

So its been awhile..

So its definetly been a few weeks since my last post...BUT that is because

1. I graduated!!! :]
2. I went on vacation the week after that.
3. I had work as soon as i got back, almost non-stop for 3 days.
4. I am leaving again for another vacation in a little over a week.

But i am glad to be back for now! Things are just getting crazy hetic around here, as usual with my life these days!

Vacation was lovely, I went to Ocean City, Maryland with a group of about 7 girlfriends and my gay guy best friend. My boyfriend and his friends also rented a condo down there for a week, so i got to spend some time with him as well! The picture you see here, is the view we had from our condo. Pretty huh??

Just before I left for the shore, my sales really took off! I had alot...not sure what caused the rise but i loved it! I was super busy trying to get everything together before i left! Everyone just loves the PROMO packs. WOO!

I will have access to a computer on my next vacation, Cape Cod. I will be going with my entire family to visit my Aunt, Uncle and Cousin who reside there year round. Its gorgeous up there, a cute little town with such lovely people and amazing artists! My favorite thing is to eat out at all the little cafes' and such. Simple things make me happy :]

I will post again sometime soon, i promise!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Drumroll please....and the winner is..

BUNNYB! YAY! The lucky number that i drew was 22! Make sure to go check out her blog! Its wonderful. I am very excited about this first giveaway.

Anyways, I added SO much new stuff to my Etsy Shop yesterday. Some great looking items, if i must say so myself. My tags have all been selling like crazy! Its hard to keep up. lol.

I have found some cool looking things on etsy lately. I will have to remember to share them with you, on another post. Maybe tomorrow since im home all this week, due to finals. Or maybe later today? We'll see. Im off for now though. I'll be in the Etsy fourms all day posting, so stop on by and chat with me!

Saturday, May 24, 2008


So I listed some new things recently. I havent updated about them, because I feel people want to read more about different things. But today I am posting pictures of my new pieces :]
Alot of people have been buying tags lately, so ive been making alot more then i normally would.

Also, i have recently been buying alot on Etsy. I have seen so many things over the past week that I have fallen in love with. Especially LaurenAlexander's Shop. My favorite shop on Etsy by FAR. I ordered one of her prints, and its gorgeous. I am going back to buy an original VERY VERY soon. If i could i would buy out her entire shop!! Here is one of the many lovely things that you can find in her shop..

Well, i will be PICKING THE WINNER TOMORROW FOR MY CONTEST. :] (see below)

Saturday, May 17, 2008


WOOOOO! Today this morning around 10:30 I made my 100th sale. I couldn't be more excited. It only to0k me, 3.5 months. I think thats pretty good, right? I had 4 sales yesterday, so i think things might be picking up! OPPS dont want to jinx it now do i? Now i think i am going to do a giveaway CONTEST as a tribute to my number 100!

This will be a comment contest, where you go to my shop- find something you like, post the link and then tell me simply why you choose it. You will then be entered into the contest. You may post as many times as you would like! If you happen to purchase something from my shop, you will be entered an EXTRA 5 TIMES. Say you purchase 2 things from my shop, you'll be entered an EXTRA 10 TIMES!


There will be 3 prizes all for ONE winner!

FIRST- you will recieve a PACK OF 2 CARDS FROM MY SHOP.
( cards will look like the one you see below.)

SECONDLY -you will recieve a PROMO pack, full of coupons, discounts, and freebies from over 40 etsy shops.

THIRDLY - you will recieve 2 lady bug magnets!



p.s.- all orders do recieve a promo pack.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Its rainingg menn.........NOT

Today its SUPER rainy here. AH...what a bummer :[ I hate May rain! Its only supposed to rain in April! lol. Well heres some fun things to do on a rainy day. I might bake tonight, some delicious cookies. I'm trying to look for a good recipe online.

20 Things to do when its raining out..

1. Make paper airplanes and fly them across the room.
2. Have your own film festival. Pick a theme and rent several action movies, or sci fi movies, or movies with the same actor in them.
3. Go to a museum or an aquarium
4. Do crossword puzzles – even make your own puzzles!
5. Try sudoku puzzles, fun for the whole family.
6. Play Scrabble, Monopoly or Candyland or another board game.
7. Bake cookies and give some to your family or friends.
8. Tell family stories and take the time to learn about family history.
9. Call someone you care about for a talk.
10. Make tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.
11. Make shadow puppets with your hands and a flashlight on the wall.
12. Make mandalas.
13. Make paper bag puppets with lunch bags.
14. Teach the children how to say hello and goodbye in a foreign language.
15. Teach mom how to play the video game all the kids are playing.
16. Get pizza delivered for lunch and eat it picnic style on the floor.
17. Draw pictures to send to the grandparents and other relatives. Sit down and write actual letters to everyone.
18. Go to the library and have everyone get a book they like. Take turns reading out loud from your books reading to each other.
19. Watch the Discovery channel and learn about animals and nature.
20. Write a funny story together, everyone writing one sentence until you get to “The End”.

OHHH and i want to share this AWESOME recipe for a mini appetizer. Its SO good, and my cousin makes it all the time for family get togethers!


1/2 pound cooked ham, thinly sliced
1/2 pound Genoa salami, thinly sliced
1 pound processed American cheese, sliced
2 cups mayonnaise
2 teaspoons dried oregano
1 onion, chopped
1/2 head iceberg lettuce, shredded
2 tomatoes, diced
12 hoagie rolls, torn into pieces for dipping

-Tear the ham, salami and American cheese into small pieces. Place in a large bowl.
-In a medium bowl, blend the mayonnaise and oregano. Mix the mayonnaise mixture into the ham mixture 1/2 cup at a time, until meats and cheese are well coated. Mix in the onion.
-Before serving, mix in the lettuce and tomatoes. Serve with the hoagie roll pieces for dipping.

Have a great night everyone<3


Saturday, May 10, 2008

100 Things to Do Before you Die.

Now, i know there are so many lists out there on things to do before you die, but this one really struck me. Enjoy reading, and see how your doing according to this list and I challenge you to make your own! Some goals are selfless, some are selfish. Some are small, some are big. Some will change the world, some will just change you.

Swim with a dolphin.
Spend the whole day naked
Watch the launch of the Space Shuttle
Walk the Great Wall of China
Listen to the Dalai Lama Speak
Ride a camel into the desert.
Get to know your neighbors.
Learn to ballroom dance properly.
Fall deeply in love - helplessly and unconditionally.
Write the novel you know you have inside you.
Ride the Trans-Siberian Express across Asia.
Stay out all night dancing and go to work the next day without having gone home
Learn to play a musical instrument
Work a night in a soup kitchen
Sing to the Elderly
See a lunar eclipse
Ask someone you've only just met to go on a date.
Sleep under the stars.
Touch a Tiger
Learn how to complain effectively -- and do it!
Forgive your parents.
Learn to juggle with three balls.
Learn to ride a unicycle
Drive a convertible with the top down and music blaring.
Buy your own house and then spend time making it into exactly what you want.
Grow your own vegetables
Spend a whole day eating junk food without feeling guilty.
Give a speech in public
Scuba dive off Australia's Great Barrier Reef.
Go up in a hot-air balloon.
Give to a charity -- anonymously.
Make love on the kitchen floor.
Go deep sea fishing and eat your catch.
Create your own web site.
Make yourself spend a half-day at a concentration camp and swear never to forget.
Create your Family Tree.
Ski a double-black diamond run.
Walk to the crater of a volcano
Run a marathon
Look into your child's eyes, see yourself, and smile.
Reflect on your greatest weakness, and realize how it is your greatest strength.
Make a hole in one
Learn to bartend
Do a Bungi Jump
Visit the Holy land
Have your portrait painted
Tell someone the story of your life, sparing no details
Be an extra in a film
Attend at least one major event, The Olympics, The World Cup
Learn to speak a foreign language
Learn not to say yes when you really mean no
Send a message in a bottle
Be a member of the audience in a TV show
Buy a round-the-world air ticket and a rucksack, and run away
Plant a tree
Witness the birth of a baby
Shower in a waterfall
Be someone’s mentor
Sit on a jury
Shave your head
Make love on a forest floor
Drink beer at Oktoberfest in Munich.
Spend a day at Disney land being a kid
Write down your goals and then do something about them
Experience weightlessness
Drive across the country from coast to coast
Own a Porsche
Write you will Attend the Anzac memorial at Anzac cove
Visit new York
Climb to Everest base camp
Fly First Class
Go Whale watching
Draw on a wall
Set off a fire extinguisher
Win an Award
Win a trip
Queue for something for at least 24 hours
Fly a kite
Make a complete and utter fool of yourself
Wake up on a beach
Learn to surf
Be interviewed on TV
Stage Dive
Release an Album
Visit Te Awamutu
Make someone cry of happiness
Participate in a protest
Ride in a military jeep
Be debt free
Sponsor a child
Have a coffee on the sidewalk in Paris
Touch one of the Royal family
Visit ground Zero
Visit Area 51
Teach someone illiterate to read
Visit Machu Picchu
Go black water rafting
Accept yourself for who you are
Thank goodness im young, and have a long ways to go! I cleary have some work to do :]

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Promo packs FINISHED :]

Hello everyone! I am really excited to be posting today. Its GORGEOUS outside. Something around 75 degrees, and breezy. AH its just lovely. I took some pictures of my flower boxes outside my windows. Take a look at themm, and how pretty they are! I have been up to alot though!

I have gotten enough people to send me their things for my PROMO packs. They are great. I made up about 10 of them last night. You can see how they look here in this post. I am hoping for some more people though, because some people only sent me enough things for 10 packages. They are great though. So many goodies and discounts. AND ITS FREE with any purchase. How awesome is THAT? I know i would LOVEEE to get one of these packs along with my order. :]
All my wonderful volunteers were super nice, and GREAT to chat with. I really truly enjoyed messaging each one.

One of the people who sent me their awesome cards was Weirdbuglady. SHE MAKES HER OWN BUSINESS CARDS OUT OF USED BOXES. I turned it over, and it was the back of like a ceral box. How awesome is that? SOOO creative and eco-friendly! I tried to get a good picture of them, but thats the best i could do. This person truly has a great shop. You need to go browse..or even buy ;]

Well i will update later gators. Have a great night, and i hope your weather is as great as it is here in PA!