Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Drumroll please....and the winner is..

BUNNYB! YAY! The lucky number that i drew was 22! Make sure to go check out her blog! Its wonderful. I am very excited about this first giveaway.

Anyways, I added SO much new stuff to my Etsy Shop yesterday. Some great looking items, if i must say so myself. My tags have all been selling like crazy! Its hard to keep up. lol.

I have found some cool looking things on etsy lately. I will have to remember to share them with you, on another post. Maybe tomorrow since im home all this week, due to finals. Or maybe later today? We'll see. Im off for now though. I'll be in the Etsy fourms all day posting, so stop on by and chat with me!


Beat Black said...

congrats to Bunny!

Jamie Lovely said...

Hi! I've been featuring etsy shops that catch my eye. I was hoping to feature yours! I've recently started hosting giveaways as well and if you would like to take part in one, I think it would be great! I have one up right now and it's going amazing!


check it out and if it is something you may be interested in doing, email me! I'd love to talk more!


Bunny B said...

Hi Ally! I tried emailing you but I guess it got caught in your spam folder.. and I also noticed you haven't blogged in a while. Hope all is well with you.

Actually, I'm really sorry to tell you that I've never received your lovely goodies :( I really wish it hadn't got lost in the mail.

I just wanted to tell you in case you thought I had received it and forgot to say thank you.

Take care, Ally!