Saturday, May 24, 2008


So I listed some new things recently. I havent updated about them, because I feel people want to read more about different things. But today I am posting pictures of my new pieces :]
Alot of people have been buying tags lately, so ive been making alot more then i normally would.

Also, i have recently been buying alot on Etsy. I have seen so many things over the past week that I have fallen in love with. Especially LaurenAlexander's Shop. My favorite shop on Etsy by FAR. I ordered one of her prints, and its gorgeous. I am going back to buy an original VERY VERY soon. If i could i would buy out her entire shop!! Here is one of the many lovely things that you can find in her shop..

Well, i will be PICKING THE WINNER TOMORROW FOR MY CONTEST. :] (see below)

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